Software development

Our ambition is to create software applications which are fully compliant with the highest standards and client requirements. We working on the cutting edge of software engineering, our certification in software development ensures the highest level, our long-term experience in software development is great advantage for our clients.

We specialize in software development in programming languages C++, C#  for Operation Systems Unix/Linux/OS Max and Windows.

For Legacy Systems Migration we specialize in COBOL (OO-COBOL), FORTRAN and PASCAL for Operation Systems VMS, RSX, IBM, Unix etc.

In the case of database applications we specialize in developing applications in ANSI and ISO standards of Structured Query Language (SQL), T-SQL and PL-SQL.

Our conviction is that the key to application performance is design, not tuning. While tuning is quite valuable, it cannot make up for poor design. Design of all applications must start with an efficient data model, well-defined performance goals and metrics, and a sensible benchmarking strategy.

Otherwise, you will encounter problems during implementation, when no amount of tuning will produce the results that you could have obtained with good design.

You might have to redesign the system later, with our participation, despite having tuned the original poor design. Therefore, we aims to provide comprehensive services of well-design to high-end implementation and maintenance.

tip"Software development success should be defined by continuous learning and innovation, not just the completion of projects."